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FAQ Maintenance with Remokon

FAQ Maintenance with Remokon

Every website owner gets asked the same questions over and over again. Why not compile them into a "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ) and let your visitors find the answers themselves?

Remokon subscription includes a FREE access to FAQ Management Software

Features of  Remokon FAQ Manager

  • No Software to Install! You do everything from a browser.
  • Individually bookmarkable answers.  Also known as permalinks these durable pages allow for bookmarking, sharing with others, and for search engines to index them. Each Qusetion and Answer can be individually book-marked.
  • Categories -- Each FAQ entry can belong to one or more categories.
  • Searching -- a Built in Search function allows your visitors to search through the FAQ
  • Restriction -- The Site owner can restrict who has access to the FAQ page. For example you can say only the paying members have access to your FAQ or you can say the FAQ is free for all.
  • Templating -- You can customize the FAQ Table of Contents. FAQ Search and individual answer pages to a specific look. The Site Template of your choice is applied to the FAQ Page as well.
  • Easily Add, Delete and Update Entries
  • Tracking of Date Added and Date of Last Modification. You can choose whether or not to disclose this information to the readers or not via an entry in the FAQ Template
  • Statistics -- You can track which answers are read most often and implement a "Most Popular Questions"

Examples of Sites Using Remokon FAQ Manager

  • FAQ on Remokon Software
  • Ask Kamats Weblog



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