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Features of Remokon

Features of Remokon

What You can do with Remokon Subscription

  • Build e-mail lists
  • Publish newsletters
  • Perform business intelligence on your e-mail lists. Example: List the people who have been getting the newsletters but have not placed an order.
  • Build a community around your products and services
  • Let your customers help each other
  • Send e-mail broadcasts
  • List your Small Business in several Business and Web Directories. This alone pays for the subscription.
  • Implement a document delivery system where your forms and e-books are available only to paying subscribers.
  • Maintain a blog, popularize the blog, build a personal brand
  • Build and maintain a website for your club, for your church or an association.
  • Update an existing website (not hosted by us) with Remokon Website Editor
  • Run a subscription based paid content site -- excellent for domain experts, and professionals. Charge a monthly fee for your expertise!
  • Automatically generate a Google Sitemap What's This? of all your contents -- great for traffic and search engine positioning.
  • Maintain answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Automatically provide customized news to your website  -- Remokon comes with  a low-cost "Google News" clone. Choose your keywords and phrases and you get an automatically aggregated news for your website.

What your customers will be able to do

  • Request catalogs, subscribe, unsubscribe
  • Pay you money, order merchandise
  • Look up status of orders (requires an interface with your order tracking system)
  • Request product or service tracking
  • Request alerts
  • Comment on your e-zine, your products, provide testimonials, request customer support
  • Comment on your blog
  • Seek help and pay for your professional advice.





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