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Websites for Information Entrepreneurs

Are you a "Information Entrepreneur" ? or have expertise in an area that you can share and make money for your expert advice? Consider Remokon as your money making machine.

How Can Remokon work for me?

If you are a consultant, speaker, or a mentor, you can build your "personal brand" though your own website. This can be "www.YourName.com" or "YourName.remokon.com".

Remokon greatly automates your forms and document delivery, maintaining of Frequently Asked Questions, and conducting of call-ins or tele-seminars.

You can charge a monthly fee for your retainer, or sell your information products.

Examples of Information Entrepreneurs

  • Immigration Lawyers and Consultants

  • Financial Advisors and Trust Fund Managers

  • Accountants and CPAs

  • Creative Real Estate Professionals

  • Personal Fitness Trainers

  • Wedding Planners

  • Authors

  • Speakers

  • Marketing Consultants

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