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Onboarding with Remokon

Onboarding with Remokon

Remokon Setup Iterview

This page has been designed to make the setting up of your Remokon website simple. For convenience, please print this page, and ponder over the plethora of options you have. Items marked with an star (*) can be changed at any time, without even contacting us by choosing the Site Settings Console in your Control Panel. Those without an star next to them require deliberate planning and determine the cost of setup and monthly recurring costs.

Name of  the Site * :

Signup Promo*:
Use this as a promotion text as to why a user should register on your website.

E-Commerce Questions

No E-commerce is desired
Membership Levels and Price per Month:
Remokon offers FREE integration with Paypal Subscription Services. If you already are using a shopping cart or a merchant account from someone else, you need to provide us with a link where the user will be taken upon ordering a paid service.
Membership Level Price/Month
Example: Interested Professional 0.00
Example: Premier Member $19.55/month with 1 month Free Trial
Products You Want to Sell *:
Remokon offers integration with PayPal.
Product Price
Email Address Registered with PayPal:
Remokon offers integration with PayPal. You will have to provide us with PayPal Business Account number.

Optional Features

Check all the features you wish to offer to your members: Forms and documents for certain levels of membership
Tele-seminars and Customer Open-lines
I want my members to be able to create blogs
I want my members to be able to upload pictures
Auto-responder Interview I am a current user of Auto-responders at:
I do not need an auto-responder
The Welcome Letter
Please have this ready either as simple text or in Microsoft Word format or HTML format
I want a welcome letter automatically sent to user upon registrations
Site Maps

Sitemaps optimized for use with Google comes FREE with your subscription.

I want to interactively build a Sitemap with OPML
I want to provide a Graphical MindMap What's This?
I want a sitemap optimized for Google What's This?
Discussion Forum

If requested, we can install PHPBB Discussion forum for you. There is an additional charge for customizing the look and feel and to integrate the discussion forum with the website.

I need a generic Discussion Forum installed
I need the discussion forum integrated with website with common login, avatars

End User Experience

Look and Feel
We provide many themes. Please preview Remokon Templates
I like one of your templates, I will use:
I already have a corporate or designer template
I have a designer/nephew to do this.
Enter Page *
This is the page the end user will be taken to after loggin in
Exit Page *
This is the page the end user will be taken if she clicks logout

Search Engine Optimization

A FREE listing for your website will be included in our business and web directories and will be carrying by many subscribers.
Please spend time and efforts to know your keywords and plan your campaign for best returns.

My optimized keywords:
Optional Text Campaign I would need further search engine optimization
Can you do this for me?



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