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Remokon as a News Aggregator

Remokon as a News Aggregator

Have you seen Google News? Do you like it?

With Remokon you can offer your own News to your members.

When you subscribe to Remokon, you can select some phrases of interest to your members or readers. That's all you have to do!

Our spider constantly browses the web for news of interest to your members and automatically compiles a webpage for you.

How does it work?

If you have not read it, please read the article: A Novel Approach to News at Google. Remokon uses similar information retrieval  and information filtering technologies as Google News, and is a low cost clone.

As a website owner, the Remokon news is better for you, because the news is offered with your brand, your  logo, look and feel, and is specific to the needs of your customers and patrons.

Advantages of  Remokon News

  • The news is branded with your logo, your look and feel
  • You have choice of keywords and phrases
  • With an additional Remokon News module, you can add your own news feeds, your own sources of news, such as blogs and even allow your members to share interesting news with their peers.
  • News increases a site's stickiness by encouraging repeat visits.
  • No Copyright Violations! We follow best practices of syndication industry, so you will not be accused of copyright infringement from the big and the powerful news publication houses.

Remokon News Case Study

US Wealth Builders added a news page for benefit of Creative Real Estate Investment Professionals and their website traffic doubled overnight.

See: News for Creative Real Estate Investors






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