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Newsletter Publishing with Remokon

Newsletter Publishing with Remokon


Features of Remokon as a Newsletter Publication Tool

  • Specifically designed for Small Business Owners who want to keep in touch with their clients and vendors (opt-in subscriptions).
  • No Software to Install. You do everything from a browser with a Easy Interface (sample shown below) that is password protected. All browsers are supported.
  • Ability to convert a database report into a News Alert (see Leads in the screen capture below)
  • "Mail to the Future"  -- You can tell Remokon to send an email at a particular date in the future. (see item 7 in the screen capture below)
  • Simple Text Emails and Rich Text HTML messages are supported.
  • Built-in HTML editor. No need to learn Web tags. It is like having a miniature Microsoft Word inside of your browser. It supports a "Paste from Microsoft Word" icon for easy "cut and paste" newsletters.
  • Immediate or scheduled delivery of emails.
  • Import Existing Lists. We will help integration with Aweber, AutoPilotRiches, and ZipDrip for an additional fee.
  • Personalization: Every message will say Dear Tom Smith, not Dear Customer. So you can send customized links to your subscribers.
  • Your message comes from your email address.
  • Every Message features a UnSubscribe link so you will not be accused of aggressive marketing or SPAM
  • Subscribers signup by sending email or filling a form on your website.
  • Ability to save drafts.
  • All these are FREE with your monthly Remokon Service subscription for up to 300 subscribers.


Screen Capture Showing Remokon's Message Composer


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