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Social Networking with Remokon

Social Networking with Remokon

Social Networking Features of  Remokon Subscription

  • Members can register themselves or accept invitations
  • Retrieve forgotten passwords
  • Graphical Avatars
  • Change Email addresses
  • Change Avatars
  • Invite friends
  • Upload pictures and let friends write captions
  • Profile views statistics
  • Find a friend, Find a date, Find a tennis partner
  • Smart Associations with tags, alumni, alma maters, hobbies and interests
  • Research job applicants, dates, fans, and idols
  • Blogging. Members can setup and operate their own blog using SimplyBlog engine
  • Commenting on Blogs
  • Moderate and participate in forums
  • Document Delivery -- make some files available only to your friends
  • Vote on movies, teams, photographs, and restaurants. You can even vote on the reviews.
  • Meet new customers, mentors, or gurus
  • Strengthen existing social and business relationships
  • Calendars, Events, and Meetups




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