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Remokon as An Editor for Your Website

Remokon as An Editor for Your Website

Do you already have a website? You probably asked your nephew to make one for you.

With our point-N-click "Website Control Panel", you can update any website. You heard it right, you don't have to host your website with us or move your website. All you need is the login and password that was given to you by the hosting company and Remokon can update your site on your behalf.

Update Any Website with an Easy to Update Interface
(Even the ones hosted by Yahoo! or Your brother-in-law)

Did you say update "Any Website" ?! How Does it Work ?

Remokon has an FTP (Internet File Transfer Protocol) agent built in. This agent will obtain your authentication information and then "impersonate you" to update your website. This is just like what a high cost web designer would do for you, except that you are doing it yourself without paying for the web professional and saving all the frustration of correcting the mistakes of the web designer.

  • You can modify any webpage that resides on the website as a file. This includes stylesheets, pictures, html pages, forms and documents.

  • You will NOT be able to modify databases (such as customer database or product databases) with Remokon.

  • You CAN update websites using Linux, Sun or Microsoft  technologies.


Examples of What You can Do with Remokon Wesbite Editor

  • Add a brochure to your website. If you have a scanner, simply scan an existing brochure and upload it.

  • Create one page websites. These are great to announce special promotions or an event

  • Remove the bio. of an employee who is no longer with you

  • Remove expired promotions, coupons



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