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Remokon Small Business Software

Remokon Small Business Software

What is Remokon?

Remokon is a "Remote Control" for Small Business Owners. It is a solution for do-it-yourself websites, email automation and workflow automation.

We have designed Remokon as as remote control for your small business (hence the name), it is in part content managed email, in part auto-responder, in part self-managed website controller, in part social networking software, and in part marketing software.

There is no software to install or upgrade. Remokon is a fully hosted cloud solution. See Full Feature List of Remokon.

What Comes with Remokon?

  • Remokon Authentication -- You can implement a  "locked gate website". -- Users either have to register or pay a fee to access the contents. Of course, if you wish you can make your website FREE and allow anyone to access it. It is your website, you decide!
  • You get an "Email Robot" account for your business. The different things this Email Robot can do is controlled by the Subject of the Email it gets. If your customers want to request a catalog, they will just send an email with the subject "Send Catalog". If they want status of the order, they will just send a message "Order Status".
  • The "Email Robot" comes with 18 pre-created "Email Actions". Spam removal,  auto-responder, catalog requester are some of the samples.
  • You get a FREE Listing in Remokon Business Directory. Our listings are carried by many popular websites, so it's like you get FREE search engine exposure and publicity.
  • You get a FREE content managed blog. Use this both to communicate with your existing customers as well as to solicit new leads and business.
  • The membership includes access to common small business forms, templates, legal documents, and advice from peers.
  • Have a Website?! You get our  " Remokon Website Editor". Do all your editing in Remokon and then click of a button, publish it to your website.
  • You can have up to 100, 200 300 of your customers or friends signup, maintain profiles, and upload files. Inexpensive upgrades are available.
  • Remokon FAQ Manager -- Maintain answers to frequently asked questions and reduce calls to customer service
  • Remokon News Aggregator
  • Document Delivery System -- You can restrict certain documents (pictures, templates, PDFs, files) available only to certain members or groups. This is ideal to run a subscription based business.


How Much Does Remokon Membership Cost ?

  • Remokon Membership starts at $199/month with a $299 setup fee. The exact amount is determined after an interview. We encourage you download the Remokon Interview and think about them to get best returns on your investment. Most features are FREE with Remokon subscription.
  • Optional services like Search Engine Optimization, Spam removal, Order tracking, and Digital Document Delivery are available at a reasonable cost.
  • Customization at $85/hour. You want something that nobody has? We'll do it for you.

Need More Information?

  • Contact Us via Telephone: 205-251-5977 (8:00AM - 5:00PM CST)






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